Friday, April 26, 2013

This Bloggin' Thang... here goes...!!!  I've been wanting to join this awesome group called bloggers.. :)..but wasn't real sure how to start.  So, I asked my friend Melissa to help me get started.  And, here I am finally making my first post.

I'm gonna start out by sharing some pics with you of the people I love the most, and the ones I will probably be talking about... :)

First up...The LOVE of My Life

This is Billy and I on our 10 year anniversary in front of Stone Mountain, where he proposed to me...  So thankful that the Lord picked him just for me...

My Family...well some of them

This is my Dad, Mom, Gabriel (L-5 yr old nephew), Caydence (1yr old great niece), and Devan (R-9 yr old nephew)

This is Cherie, my beautiful 18 year old niece, and Caydence's mom.  

And these are my babies, Daisy(L) and Becca(R)

I have lots more pics, and lots more people that are a huge part of my everyday life.  But, I figured that was enough for today.  I look forward to sharing about my Crazy Days with you, and hope you will stick around.

Love, Mandy


  1. My Mandy is blogging! I am so happy!!! Made my day! I love you, my frien! ;)

  2. I follow Melissa's blogs and saw where she introduced your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing your blog grow!

  3. Hi Mandy. Stopping over from Melissa's blog. She always makes you sound so sweet, lets hope you live up to that! haha just kidding. I'm sure you will =) Look forward to reading more. If you want you can read my blog at